About the Summit Knowledge & Action Network

Summit is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) based in Utah, USA. Our work is focused as follows: 

KNOWLEDGE: Summit Global Database and Peace Tech Catalogue

The Summit Knowledge and Action Network is building on the conviction that knowledge is power -- and that connecting people and organizations to the knowledge that can help them solve the world’s problems is a crucial part of the empowerment to do so. The Summit Database is simply the world’s most ambitious repository of information about sustainable development, conflict transformation, poverty, human security, capacity building, structural and direct violence.

The knowledge found in our online database is located by our team of researchers and vetted by a quality control team. Unlike other online tools that bring information to the user based on algorithms of popularity and operate entirely innocent of the truth or value of the information called up, the Summit Database operates so as to give the user the most important knowledge available. We strive to give the world the most complete and up-to-date information, and collect only that knowledge which is reliable.

In addition to our database, Summit is building an unprecedented collection of peace technologies. This includes inventions, innovative strategies, and technologies that are sustainable and contribute to global sustainable development, human security, capacity building, and peacebuilding. The Summit Peace Tech Catalogue will be published online and in print, and widely available, allowing the purchase of important technology in developed countries for less developed countries. We plan on partnering with retailers to advance the proliferation of this life-giving technology.

Summit is positioned to become an important contributor to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (adopted in 2016). 

ACTION: Summit Global Projects and Innovation Labs

In addition to building knowledge, Summit is committed to the use of that knowledge in innovative projects across the planet. We are already building inventive projects in water and energy security in Haiti, economic opportunity and education in West Africa, and conflict and peace data management in the Balkans. Our plans for Summit Research, Development, and Peacebuilding Centers are underway, as we seek funding for them. Moreover, as our fieldwork, development, and peacebuilding projects develop, the data they generate will be found in our database, available for other organizations and communities to use. This is one way that Summit builds knowledge, moving beyond the mere collection of information.

One part of our strategy is to take knowledge from across the globe, and test it on-the-ground, and to collect knowledge in the database derived from on-the-ground experiences and conclusions.

Our Summit Innovation Labs (or “collaboratories”) will bring experts, policy makers, government officials, practitioners, and multilateral leaders (including United Nations officials) together to solve concrete material problematics where the solutions are feasible but not yet strategized. For example, we are planning annual Summit innovation Labs to bring an end to global slavery, to provide water security in Haiti, and micro-hydroelectric power technologies to Central Asia. 

NETWORK: Summit Internships and Partnerships

At Summit we believe that the world’s many vexing problems are matched by the planet’s many promising solutions. Thousands of organizations of immense difference in size and range of mission, and many state agencies, attack problems every day with courage, commitment, tenacity, and success. Our mission is to make all other organizations more effective, productive, and successful. Summit is a force-multiplier. When others use our database, they do their work with greater effect. We are building a nonproprietary network of networks that will function in ways that overlap with swarm intelligence systems. We see our collaborations and partnerships growing in inventive and exciting ways. An Irish proverb says, “If you want to be a leader, be a bridge.” Summit is poised for global leadership, and our work is a bridge by which partners around the world can collaborate with one another.

We need eager and enthusiastic interns and volunteers. Nearly all of our work is accomplished not by staff, but by those who give us part of their time as a measure of their commitment to our mission and its future. College and university students can often receive internship credit when they work with us, and all volunteers receive a deep satisfaction from knowing they are changing the world, building greater peace and justice, sustainable human security and opportunity across the planet.

Join us!

Summit: Upward. Together.