Summit Strategic Plan/Timeline

November 2015

Grant submitted to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Carnegie Corporation of New York [co-authored with partners at Northeastern Illinois University, USA; George Mason University, USA; the Peace and Justice Studies Association (offices at Georgetown University, USA); the University of Tromsø, Norway; the University of Ngozi, Burundi; and the University of Rwanda, Rwanda].  The grant is for a two year, $1 million peacebuilding project in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.  The Summit Database will be used to collect, build, categorize, and analyze information related to the project (which will extend beyond the two-year funding period).

February 2016

Trip to Guinea Bissau to meet with government and NGO officials, Dr. Leopoldo, director of the Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisa; the Union of Guinean Students in the Americas; Jorge Gomes, director of the Institute for Development, Civil Society, and Democracy; and other potential partners, toward building the Summit Research, Development, and Peacebuilding Center in Western Africa to be established in Bissau, Guinea Bissau. Discussion about sustainable development projects with cocoa and cashew farmers’ collectives development, education with Ambrozio School, and conflict prevention program.

November 2016

Website and database update to Drupal 8.
Public launch of Summit website and database.

Jan 2017

Database now has 5000 inputs.
Begin work on
Summit PeaceTech and Tools Catalogue.
Begin work on First Summit Innovations Lab: Ending Slavery.
Director Minch at annual meeting of Summit partner, Education for Global Peace, discussing closer database collaboration.  

February 2017

Submission of water purification system to Future Earth and Stockholm Resilience Centre for demonstration in Stockholm, August 2017.
Work toward testing and manufacture of Summit water purification units for global distribution.

Website redesign.
Funding strategy begins.

March 2017

Meetings in Guinea Bissau on development of Summit Research, Development, and Peacebuilding Center in West Africa.
Construction work on two sites for Ambrozio School in Guinea Bissau.

April 2017

Application, with the Arctic and Mountain Regions Development Institute, to the Belmont Forum/NORFACE “Transformations to Sustainability” (2TS) Programme.

Summer 2017

First student and teacher cohort teaching at Ambrozio School. Teachers recruited from Summit interns and Utah Valley University students.
Documents written (with Kevin Bales) for Summit Innovation Lab: Ending Slavery. Organization of Lab underway.
Stage 2 in manufacture and distribution of Summit water purification units.

Fall 2017

Ambrozio School second cohort of students and teachers.
Discussions with partners in Northern Ireland at Corrymeela; Institute for Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, Queen’s University; International Conflict Research Institute; and Mediation Northern Ireland.
Launch Summit Global Research Network.
Summit Innovation Lab: Ending Slavery—organization documents and commitments released globally.
PeaceTech Tools Catalogue published.  

January-March 2018

Global network and follow-up work on Ending Slavery documents and commitments. Staff hired, offices established.  

April 2018

Meetings in Haiti toward Summit Research, Development, and Peacebuilding Research Center in Haiti regarding cocoa farmers’ collectives, construction trades training program, conflict prevention and democracy development programs, Summit Database Haiti NGO Coordination project, water security mapping, and alternative energy project.

Summer 2018

Hydro-electric power and other sustainable development; and conflict prevention work in the Kyrgyz Republic and Ferghana Valley, Central Asia.

Fall 2018

Director Minch begins nine-month sabbatical in Northern Ireland; the Mountain Research Centre at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Perth, Scotland; and in the Balkans (Shkoder, Albania and elsewhere)—working with partners on Summit related projects.